Beamish on Friday

Beamish on Friday

12th June 2009

After a few days of pretty indifferent weather, today has been a hot one. While wandering about on site the following scenes appeared, both ordinary and a little out of the ordinary…

Below: Newcastle 114 basks in the sun whilst operating as ‘spare’ car on today’s roster.

Below: The Armstrong Diesel on display outside the RMS – this gives visitors something to look at and suggests that all is not quite as dead as it may appear!

Below: In the fields below Pockerley Jim and Joyce Elliot were talking to visitors, and by accident creating one of those scenes that cries out to be photographed!

Below: In Birch Wood, Peter and Bonnie were delivering felled Silver Birch trees to the woodsman who is demonstrating woodland crafts at this location. Until now I hadn’t realised a horse and cart would fit along this path! Fly watches on in the foreground.