Coffee Pot Work Update

Coffee Pot Work Update

16th October 2009

I thought readers might be interested in a progress update on Coffee Pot No.1. The steam test for the boiler is booked for November 5th, so Vince is working to have the boiler ready for this, which also involves fitting and lining up the cylinders, crank axle and valve gear etc. The following selection of images gives an idea of what is involved so far…

Below: The copper cap for the chimney, locally spun and ready for fitting!

Below: Setting up the cylinders.

Below: A view of the top of the boiler. Note the blastpipe and exhaust pipe from the cylinders.

Below: The hinge for the smokebox lid.

Below: The antler-like exhaust steam pipes.

Below: The piston rod guides, which have taken a great deal of work to align and set up.

Below: An overall view of the boiler.

Below: The new smokebox.

Below: Another general view of the boiler.

Below: And finally another view of my favorite bit!!!