Outside Contracts

Outside Contracts

5th November 2009

Bowes are working on two contract jobs for Beamish at present…

Below: We are having sectioned a scrap O&K narrow gauge boiler acquired some years ago for sectioning. This will be used as an instructional tool at Beamish. Considerable cleaning is required before painting. This view shows the sectioned side of the boiler.

Below: A view of the other side. This work is being carried out in the blacksmith’s shop at Bowes.

Below: A close up view of the sectioning. The air line is used for cleaning out the dust – after many years in the colliery yard at Beamish this boiler has become almost solid with dust and stones!

Below: Also underway is the narrow gauge snowplough, seen before in this blog. Derek Young has completed the chassis, apart from wheeling it, and is now working on the floor.