Sir Berkeley Steaming dates...

Sir Berkeley Steaming dates…

There has been a great deal of interest in the visit of Manning Wardle No.1210 Sir Berkeley to Beamish, and having promised further steamings, here are the dates that we hope to operate it in the Colliery.  As ever, usual caveats about being ‘subject to availability’ etc. apply, but we will do our very best to ensure it is out on these days:

April: 15, 16, 22, 23 and 27

May: 4 and 6

A number of build dates appear for this locomotive – with both 1890 and 1891 being used.  It was ordered and constructed in 1890 and delivered so late in the year, that it was effectively 1891 before the locomotive was in service with its owners, the railway contractors Logan & Hemingway.  It was initially numbered No.30, later becoming No.10.

For more on the contract (the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway’s Derbyshire lines scheme, from 1891 to 1894) to which Sir Berkeley was supplied, see this link to the wonderful photographic archive recording the Great Central Railway (former MS&LR) construction project:

In 1909 the locomotive returned to Leeds for overhaul by its builders, resulting in new worksplates with this date being fitted.  At that stage the boiler was replaced, this vessel only being itself replaced in 2006.

As if a reminder was needed, here is what the locomotive looks like, in the very appropriate setting of the Colliery at Beamish.  The first set of photos are courtesy of Dave Hewitt.

Below: This image appears courtesy of David Williams

Below: Finally, here are some of my own (iphone) views of the locomotive on the Friday before the event, taken during testing.

What can we conclude from all of this interest – that Manning Wardles are very elegant and popular locomotives.  Maybe not the last time we’ll see the builder represented on Beamish rails…