Sectionings and Snowploughs

Sectionings and Snowploughs

19th November 2009

This afternoon I collected the newly sectioned boiler for Steam School from Bowes and also had a catch up with John and Derek Young re the progress on the narrow gauge snowplough.

Below: The completed project – the former O&K boiler, newly sectioned, cleaned and painted for use as a training tool at Beamish.

Below: A close up view showing the firebox and crown stays.

Below: The boiler had been de-tubed before it came to Beamish. Some tubes (one sectioned) have been added to complete the effect.

Below: Progress on the snowplough.

Below: Another view of the snowplough. The over-tall stanchions will be trimmed to length once the angled side boards have been fitted. It is then ready for the plough blade to be offered up for fitting, after which various details and the sideboards can be made and fitted.