3rd December 2009

This morning the rest of our fairground acquisitions arrived – the most striking being the living van used by Sally Beach. This has been sheeted over for 15 years, so once inside we uncovered it and opened it up to enable it to thoroughly dry out.

Below: The 1891 Orton & Spooner living van dominates the other items in the Regional Museum Store!

Below: Two interior views (sorry, I haven’t managed to rotate these!) – the van is intact, as last inhabited.

Below: The second load consisted of the original centre truck and remains of the coal/water cart.

Below: The rear axle of the water/coal cart.

Below: Meanwhile… Elsewhere in the RMS Davy has separated the crusher from its trolley.

Below: Whilst the crusher is a robust casting and is in very good condition, the trolley has suffered from years of hard use.

Below: This view amply illustrates the problem! The rot is confined to the rear end, and as we won’t be refitting the stationary engine drive unit, we will shorten the chassis to suit. The crusher will be belt driven from portable steam/internal combustion engines so the shorter length will improve its manoeuvrability around the museum site.