Coffee Pot's Return - only weeks away!

Coffee Pot’s Return – only weeks away!

15th December 2009

The final completion of Coffee Pot No. 1’s extensive restoration is now only weeks from completion and Vince Allen is making terrific progress on the closing details of the project, having sweated (and sworn) to fit the complex cladding sheets fit (and fit so well).

Progress today can be seen in the photographs that follow:

Below: An aerial view with the smokebox lid (its not really a door!) removed. The cladding is readily apparent, complete with brass bands and some subtle pinstripe lining.

Below: A fireman’s side view showing the assembled connecting rods and valve gear. Vince has assembled a jig to enable the engine to be run on the boiler before it is placed in the frames, in order to check and correct the alignments. This should take place this week.

Below: The driver’s side, which is rather plainer (to allow for the reverser etc. to fit). The red oxide firebox will be painted black.

Below: A view taken without flash to show just how neat the finished result is!

Below: Once the boiler is fitted and secured, the principal outstanding jobs will be to fit the pump and injector. This is the injector, a replica Giffard type (with Gresham & Craven innards, for reliability – the handwheel is therefore cosmetic only and will probably be relocated to the other side of the body in order to save reversing the pipework for water feed and delivery). Graham Redfern manufactured this from new and it will be mounted on the fireman’s side of the boiler.

Below: Back at base, Shaun has applied the first coat of black paint to the living van as well as finishing off the steps – as seen in these two photographs.