Corporations & Contractors Event: Confirmed Participants Part 1!

Corporations & Contractors Event: Confirmed Participants Part 1!

18th February 2010

In anticipation of our April 15 – 18th ‘Power from the Past’ event, themed around ‘Corporations and Contractors’, I am pleased to confirm that the bookings are now beginning to arrive and that the following (subject to usual caveats about availability!) will appear during the event:

Below: Built by Hurst Nelson in 1901 as an open top car for Hull Corporation Tramways, No.96 was cut down in 1933 to an enclosed single deck tram. In 1942-45 it was sold to Leeds Tramways where it was numbered 6 in the works car series, it carrying out such duties until the closure of LCT in 1959. It was then privately preserved, eventually arriving at Heaton park Tramway and entering service in 1988. It has usually worn its Hull livery as 96, but recently was repainted into its works car guise as Leeds 6, and we are delighted that our friends at Heaton Park have agreed to it participating in this event. Beamish’s Oporto 196 will be going to Heaton Park in exchange, the swap lasting from April through to August.

Below: Guy Rutter’s 6 ton Wallis Advance will make its first major public appearance at the event, though has seen some operation at Beamish since its restoration was completed last autumn.

Below: A well know engine on this blog – Michael Davison’s 1889 Marshall will be engaged in the ‘construction’ arena at the event in April, probably powering the recently restored stone crusher to provide material for the narrow gauge construction railway (of which more shortly…)

Below: We are pleased to welcome Dave Antell back with his Robey portable and…

Below: … making its first appearance at Beamish, Dave’s Wallis Advance – now owned by him for over 40 years!

Below: As part of the activities, which centre around road/tramway construction and maintenance plus contracting work (including agricultural), we are laying a 2 foot gauge construction railway in the colliery. This will be a working demonstration throughout the event and confirmed motive power includes Graham Morris’s well know Kerr Stuart Wren class 0-4-0ST Peter Pan. Originally owned by Devon County Council, the engine must surely be one of preservation’s most widely travelled locomotives.

There are lots more invited, so watch this blog for latest news…