News Roundup

News Roundup

1st March 2010

A new month and new weather! A lovely sunny spring day and lots happening on and off site…

Below: David Young has manufactured, from scratch, a new regulator assembly for the Steam Mule. This will enable the later fitting of a governor if required/we can find a smallish example. Being push/pull rather than a wheel enables trainees to better experience a locomotive/traction engine type arrangement. An amount of pilot has been allowed in the valve to improve controlability.

Below: We also fitted the final bits and pieces to the water tower – though David found need for a few ‘modifications’!

Below: The track lads are making incredible progress on the Foulbridge loop works. The track is not only laid and levelled, but also now fastened – this view shows how this is done, bearing in mid the concrete base.

Below: An overview of the works – very near to completion…

Below: The likely candidate for the station/RMS water tower – to be this egg ended boiler (later water tank), mounted on brick pillars adjacent to the level crossing at the RMS. This should provide adequate capacity for railway and road locomotives as well as an industrial feature in that area.

Below: Works have started in the colliery to mount to the electric Tinsley winch on a brick tower and create a sloping incline out of the mine. This view will therefore see the winch some eight feet above its current position – better interpreting its use as well as making sense of the movement of coal out of the drift mine. The land to the left will be levelled off and improved as part of this work.

Below: Looking the other way. Again a view that will change under current plans. And hopefully Coffee Pot will shortly adorn the view in the background…