Lifting Mary Margaret...

Lifting Mary Margaret…

11th May 2010

Michael Davison’s 1889 Marshall traction engine ‘Mary Margaret’ recently suffered a broken spigot on the casting which restricts the movement of the forecarriage – basically it is to protect the boiler barrel from the front wheels swinging around too far when on extreme steering locks.

One evening last week the engine was prepared for a lift – by draining the boiler and leaving the tender tank full it was hoped that this would act as a useful counterweight for our JCB Loadall forklift to handle.

Below: Mark Sutherland and Mike Holden removing the steering chains.

Below: Ready to lift…

Below: Up she goes! The forecarriage was removed and the front end then lowered onto blocks.

Below: Supported by blocks following removal of the casting at the base of the smokebox.

Below: The errant casting, fixed almost overnight by George Hudson and due to be refitted later today… A steam engine pit stop!