Chaldron Progress - Part 15

Chaldron Progress – Part 15

17th December 2010
Down in the (very!) cold Colliery Engine Works, Alan Milburn is making good progress on the chaldron ‘flat’ waggon, a barrier vehicle with buffers of both standard and chaldron height to enable more flexibility in our shunting operations when using Coffee Pot No.1 or guest engines. A flat waggon will also be very useful for moving materials. The entire construction is from reclaimed timber and components from the ‘spares’ pile.
Below: The longitudinals for the flat are seen being prepared on its wheelsets. To the left is one of the substantial cross members for the frame.
Below: The completed L1833, which just awaits its lettering. It is currently trapped in by the flat waggon and winterised steam locomotives so will not see daylight until next year.

Below: Another view of the flat, beyond this is the overhauled L328, now complete.

Below: A general view of our waggon works!