It's ready!

It’s ready!

1st December 2010
The previously trumpeted blog book of the year is now available! It is a 40 page (plus colour covers), softback, full colour record of the last 11 months of transport developments, events and restorations at Beamish Museum. Followers of the blog will recall I tested the water re the idea in October. The book is now available and has been produced through which is a self publishing website. I have a test copy and the quality is excellent. You can see some preview pages by following the link. Please do order one – interest was high and I hope this proves to be a success, with other ideas for publications in the offing…
You can order a copy through blurb – the link is in the posting below – price £9.95 with all profits going to Beamish Museum… Meanwhile, the snow is still falling hard: