Project roundup

16th December 2010

Despite yet more snow falling, various projects are still underway. As a sample of what we are doing, here is a brief summary:
Lewin (No.18)
  • Work on drawings progressing to completion
  • David Young making oil reservoirs for axle boxes, including patterns for cast body and lids
  • Project management plan developed
  • Injector patterns being prepared
  • Numberplate patterns made and awaiting casting
  • Research into livery and paints to be used continues
Coffee Pot No.1
  • To be fitted with a chimney damper to enable better control of the fire (without an enclosed ashpan there is a tendency to ‘blow off’ for prolonged periods). Drawings produced and David Young making and machining components for imminent fitting.
Steam Mule and Water Pump
  • New brass ‘skeleton’ made by David Young to enable a sheet to hang over the Mule
  • Engine driven pump completed and awaiting fitting and connection of pipework
  • Pump to be driven via belt complete.
Ruston Proctor Portable
  • In Suffolk for overhaul. Inspection has confirmed need for new inner firebox and front tubeplate as part of this
Newcastle tram 114
  • Preparation for repaint underway, of which more to be announced.
  • Mechanical overhaul to commence in April
Sunderland 101 (the Blackpool Balloon)
  • Beamish Tramway Group to fit a frame to enable trolley pole to be fitted
Chaldron Waggons
  • Waggon No.L1833 complete
  • Work on flat ‘barrier’ waggon underway with wheels and bearing pedestals completed and side rails being cut
From the Friends’ Workshop
  • Repaint continuing of horse drawn charabanc ‘Happy Days’
  • Rebuild of SOS Bus
  • Rebuild of horse drawn street sweeper
  • Completion of horse drawn spray cart (started by museum staff some time ago)
  • Cycle racks for period cycles to be used by staff to move around the site
  • Restoration of Adams Car Elevator (for Town Garage)
  • Rebuild of railed bogies for Colliery Engine Works
  • Construction of a further wheelbarrow
There are inevitably several things from this list that I have missed out, including two further transport publications due to appear in the spring. However this gives some idea of the work being carried out in the ‘quiet’ season.
The Y7 is progressing well in Norfolk and was steamed on Tuesday.