Dunrobin - December update...

Dunrobin – December update…

Its been a while since Dunrobin was mentioned here, but work has continued on the project.  On Tuesday I had a sortie down to Bridgnorth to see the work on the new boiler barrel and also catch up on the next stages of work.  To enable work on the frames to start, the tanks, cab and cladding have been removed and are now at Beamish with us for refurbishment.

Below: The frames are shunted outside to enable the superstructure to be removed.  The bunker will remain in situ.

P1140332 P1140326 P1140330

Below: The collection of parts ready for removal to Beamish where they will be overhauled and prepared for refitting to the locomotive.


Below: With the engine in the daylight it was a chance to look around the frames at some of the jobs needing attention.  Cracks in the wheel castings are yet to be fully investigated and remain the one ‘unknown’ for us in terms of the work required on the bottom end of the engine.


Below: Evidence of repairs carried out in Canada – in this case the brake cross shaft brackets were welded to the frames after removal to enable access to the firebox for repairs on that.  The weld is single sided as can be seen here, so a the brackets will come off for a full double sided weld to refit them more securely.  Note the corrugated marks on the frames – the witness marks from the frame plates being planed during manufacture.  A lovely feature to still remain visible.


Below: With the cylinder block removed, there is space to view the main frame stretcher as well as the bell (fitted in Canada and which will be retained by us as a souvenir and reminder of a large chunk of 4085’s history).


Below: An overall view of the new boiler barrel following riveting at Bridgnorth.  The barrel is seam welded as well as butt-strapped –  a belt & braces approach which ensures the boiler is still of riveted construction and adherers to original practice.


Below: The original dome is being trial fitted on the new barrel here – some cracks testing is to be undertaken but it is hoped that this original item will be reusable on the finished boiler.


Below: A close up view of a butt strap and the meeting of the two boiler barrel rings.  A prep and weld will fill the joint between them to assure a steam tight joint.


Below: An internal view of the barrel.  Compare this to earlier posts and photos showing the interior of the original.

P1140349 P1140350

Below: Finally, for those who appreciate such things, seven GW locos rest on shed at Bridgnorth – some sort of heaven surely?!!!

P1140341 P1140333 P1140336 P1140338 P1140342