Steam Gallopers assembled!

Steam Gallopers assembled!

26th November 2009

The Ayers family completed assembly of the gallopers today and it is universally agreed that they look superb! After a test run they have been sheeted up until their inaugural run on Saturday – to be locally well publicised, so we are hoping that we will be busy! The location has been chosen as it is adjacent to the Santa’s Grotto set up for visiting children – we had experienced queues in this area so hopefully the gallopers will be an attractive distraction…

Below: A view of the built-up ride at the waggonway.

Today a local contractor also carried out a low-pressure water based abrasive blasting of the Winget stone crusher, which Davy Sheen will be restoring next. This will form part of the council yard/roadmending display that we are developing.

Below: A couple of views of the process – which shows how well contained the ‘debris field’ is and also how clean the finished surface is left. The media used is water plus a powdered volcanic rock, and the application is both environmentally friendly and also much cleaner than many alternatives.