Weekend Christmas Events (and some tramway news!)

Weekend Christmas Events (and some tramway news!)

30th November 2009

We had our second Christmas event over the weekend (running every weekend until Christmas plus other selected dates – see main museum website for details). The decorations and preparation has been ongoing, with lessons learned from the first weekend being implemented for the second. The weather was good on Saturday and atrocious on Sunday – typically the day we had the engines out! However, here is a selection of views of the event and the various preparations for it…

Below: We have had numerous comments about the snow at the waggonway – currently acting as grotto! This is artificial matter (paper based) which is laid over sheets on the ground, and sprayed onto trees etc. The result is very effective and has proved to be extremely durable in the face of torrential rain and strong winds

Below: The application of the snow, pumped up to a nozzle directed by the operator in the cage.

Below: Some town decorations – Tram 196 was parked up in the street during such works, while the trams were turning at the west end (behind the photographer). This is to enable ongoing track grinding work to take place – I’ll try and post some images of this work underway.

Below: A delivery of logs being reversed to the rear of Ravensworth Terrace.

Below: Tram 10 departs into the low sun from the west end of the town.

Below: Our new roller, Rambler, watering at the offices – this is the fastest place to obtain a tank full of water!

Below: The roundabout (in the gloom) flanked by Rambler and Mary Margaret.

Below: One weeks purchases! What are we going to do this week?!!!

Below: A close up of the horses – the strange patina behind is the roof of the waggonway shed.

Below: An overview of the gallopers on Saturday.

Below: Tram 31 – this is a shot from the photo session for our marketing material. I have included it as we can confirm that 31 is to receive a light overhaul and repaint into something approximating its Blackpool works livery (green and ivory) this winter. It will appear at our April gala in this guise before returning to the workshops for a full repaint into its 1920s passenger livery (as carried at present, but much in need of refreshing!).