Snowplough latest!

Snowplough latest!

2nd December 2009I called in at Bowes today to discuss progress on the replica snowplough – it is safe to say it is very nearly finished!

Below: A reminder of the original…

Below: An unusual fitting! Derek Young has been working inside the tub on securing the blade, whence the chair!

Below: An overview of the blade, now mounted on the tub. The top raves are finished, though some modifications are needed to the blade bracing rod to allow it to accurately fit the tub body.

Below: A view from the other side. The wagon has been placed temporarily on rails to set the blade height. Derek will now construct the side raves and snow deflectors on the body itself. These will change the appearance markedly. At which point construction will be all but complete. It is hoped to have the wagon back at Beamish by Christmas…