Lewin latest - w/c 5th February 2012

Lewin latest – w/c 5th February 2012

Below: Progress is still ongoing, though this week not quite as visible. The cylinder covers (seen below) are now receiving the final coats of colour prior to the black borders being added and varnishing.
Below: Vince has done a lot of work on the brakegear. The original arrangement placed quite a lot of stress on the footplate, so this has been strengthened. The hanging links have been made and the push rod modified to include an elbow which enables us to use the same brake blocks (for which we have a pattern!) as are used on Coffee Pot No.1. I would also envisage using the same on No.17 as well as it is useful to be able to share such ‘consumables’ among the fleet.

Below: The footplate is today’s subject for attention. The original was pitted, thin and had been butchered during the 1970s restoration. All three plates have therefore been replaced, with thicker plate to take account of the brake cylinder mounting (beneath). Meanwhile Dave and I carried on with painting the inside surfaces of the frames.

Below: New footplate valances have been made and literally inches of blown metal and rust cleaned away. With new plate added this area is far tidier and stronger than it had been up to now.
So, the work continues, still with an April debut in mind… The loco has also been requested by the Severn Valley Railway (accompanied by Coffee Pot) to take part in their 150th anniversary celebrations on the 19/20 May.