Coffee Pot No.1

Coffee Pot No.1

May 5th 2009

I am now picking up Coffee Pot’s blog on this thread, for administrative purposes.

Current progress at the boilermakers is such that the cylinders are being trial fitted to the boiler shell. This is a critical stage as the alignment between cylinder and crankshaft casting is crucial. Once this stage is complete, the inner firebox can be fitted, the foundation ring being on order for this.

Above: This internal view shows the firehole door from the inside. Note the lapped joint, left and valve rod guide (painted red) sat waiting fitting.

Above: Another interior view. Note the two angle sections (centre), which cover the feed water inlets and prevents the cold water from entering the boiler and hitting the hot inner firebox. This would cause a lot of harm if left in this state.

Above: One of the boiler smiths heats a section of plate as part of the flanging process.

Above: The metal begins to glow. Once it is red hot, two gentlemen with heavy sledgehammers hammer it over the former to which it clamped tightly. This process is repeated until the metal is flanged and the component, such as a tubeplate, is formed.

Above: Coffee Pots boiler in the foreground, whilst in the background a Fowler ploughing engine receives attention to its firebox. Inside is the rivetter, who is heating then placing the rivets, before using an air hammer to shape and close them. The chap in overalls is holding a hammer over the end, to provide some resistance to this process.

Above: An overall view of Coffee Pot’s boiler, the end nearest the camera being the top tubeplate.

Above: A view from what is the bottom of the boiler. Note the internal rivetted straps and cutaway for the foundation ring.

Above: A view internally, looking towards the top of the boiler. The feed water deflectors are visible on the right. Note the riveting for the support brackets, nearest the camera.