The lull after the storm!

6th September 2010

The museum seems awfully quiet today after the intensive last four days! The visitor figures were excellent, with over 13,000 attending over the four days – double last years GNSF (which did have bad weather) and 3000 up on the April Power from the Past event.
The exhibits are leaving or preparing to leave, with some staying on a little while longer. The Ruston portable has also set off for Suffolk where its boiler overhaul will commence. This week No.14 will depart for Tanfield, with Cochrane returning there. WST will arrive from Bowes and there is word on the grapevine that the Y7 is very nearly ready in Norfolk for a move to Beamish… Tram 31 will depart next week for Blackpool with the Balloon coming the other way so there is never a dull moment!
Keep watching the blog for more information!