Dunrobin Arrives!

Dunrobin Arrives!

20th May 2011
Yesterday the final move of Dunrobin (for now!) took place, with it being transhipped onto the lorry at Liverpool Seaforth Docks (the ACL container yard) for onward movement to the Severn Valley Railway at Bridgnorth.
I was interested to note what I took to be spectators on quite a few motorway bridges on the southbound M6 – hopefully the sheeted appearance wasn’t too frustrating. We had to keep it contained until final unloading.
Below: The engine is loaded and chained down, with the sheet being refastened.
Below: Dunrobin on the road as it heads east out of Liverpool Docks and towards the M57.

Below: Arrival at Bridgnorth.

Below: The SVR was using Ivatt 4MT No.43106 (the class being known as ‘Flying Pigs’) for shunting and use during the unloading of Dunrobin.

Below: With ramp built and sheet removed, Dunrobin sees it’s first British light of day since 1965.

Below: A view from the rear – note the tablet catcher on the cabside.

Below: Winching the engine onto terra firma.

Below: The wheels make contact with UK soil (well, rails, fortunately!) for the first time in 46 years! Andrew Goodman and Duncan Ballard watch on – the guard irons were very close to the door runners at this point!

Below: Nearly there – a helping push being required the last few yards.

Below: After that brief appearance in daylight, Dunrobin resides inside the boiler works at Bridgnorth. Stripping will now commence in anticipation of completing all surveys etc. by July.
Then we will have a good idea of what the overhaul will cost…
Please note: The SVR workshops are a working site and are restricted as such – please don’t go exploring them in search of the engine!

Below: Meanwhile, this morning (after getting home and the van unloaded after midnight!), I used the Y7 to shunt the DoS coach to the RMS where we can carry out further study and investigation before producing a Conservation Management Plan and scope of works required to return it to operation.

Below: They look quite pretty together don’t they?!