General News Roundup

General News Roundup

Below: Some lovely weather these last few days – Gateshead 10 basks in the sunshine.
Below: A shunt, using Rover power, took place, to swap 101 with 233 (as we are now calling 605). 101 will now be laid up, having had a very active winter and spring. I am keen to see the open toppers etc. out more, especially given the good weather. 101 requires some further maintenance, but has certainly proved its worth over the busy Christmas period and through the winter.

Below: 233 nestles in its new home – work on rubbing it down prior to repainting starts tomorrow, with ongoing commissioning work taking place around this, including refitting the newly overhauled circuit breakers.

Below: Oporto 196’s wheelsets have returned from Boothams in York, who have produced a superb finish and restored the correct profile.

Below: Clearance work for the narrow gauge railway is well advanced. The site of the white van in the photo below is the scene of much beavering away, establishing what materials we have and how to fit them all together. The line will be a Z shape with an additional siding. One leg will be each side of the road, with a crossover running between, underneath the photographer’s feet.
The black engine shed will be relocated to an area to the left of this scene.

Below: David and Gordon are making headway in repainting the Waggonway train, with the aim of finishing next week. The ‘yellow’ shade is a little lurid, but I am sure it will tone down!

Below: With a shed full of rolling stock, Tony has moved outside to complete the refurbishment of the Rowley crossing gates, after a delay in the arrival of the new timber. Fortunately the weather has favored outdoor work this week!