General News Roundup

General News Roundup

Below: Another sunny day, and the site has been busy with activity. Here Darren and Mark are making the base for the narrow gauge engine shed and also preparing the levels for the new line.
Below:Danny and Ian grapple with some very old gateposts above the church area – these work by placing battons into slots, which are angles such that cattle cannot press them out of the slot. Very ingenious. These posts are probably original to the Beamish site. The posts are set into holes, with all of the spoil from the hole being compacted back into it.

Below: David (with Gordon) are finishing off the Experiment Coach for the Waggonway. The livery is slightly different to that previously carried, as will be revealed when we get it outside!

Below: The Daimler is now ready for painting to start,with a huge amount of preparatory work carried out by Phil Anderson and his team.

Below: A new Thursday volunteer team started rubbing down the Boat today, making some headway in its preparation prior to repainting in two weeks time. I should clarify that 101 has not been withdrawn from all use, and will make an appearance at the GNSF, however, 233 takes up a long tram’s space under the wires, so one had to give, which was 101!

Below: The trolley tower arrived back from the shotblasters, cleaned and primed. It will now be painted and reassembled before fitting back onto 233.

Below: Les and Peter are working wonders on the 70+ year old wiring on 233 and much work has been required to ensure the tram meets our specifications electrically. This is before it is even tested ‘live’. The refurbished circuit breaker is being refitted, with work also taking place on the controller at the No.1 end. Peter watches on as Les refits the traction wiring to the breaker.

Below: A view of No.1 end. Work is also required to strengthen the floor at this end, which should be completed tomorrow morning. We are throwing all available resources at this tram in an effort to ensure it appears at the GNSF, but it must be remembered that it is an old vehicle and has never had a major refurbishment or rewire. This adds to the challenges that Les, Peter and Mel (three of the four members of the Beamish Tramway Group ) are meeting so admirably.