DCWB locomotives arrive onto British soil!

DCWB locomotives arrive onto British soil!

Below: This morning witnessed a notable event – the arrival, following repatriation from the USA, of Ogwen and Glyder (‘Durham’ and ‘Grey’).  This view shows the freshly opened container, allowing the engines their first glimpse of Co Durham since the 1930s and the UK since 1965.

Below:  The Barclay, Glyder, was extracted first, directly onto a BRIMEC lorry.  Graham Morris checks clearances as Julian Birley films the event.  Alan, from the haulier Websters, ensures the back of his lorry is bent downwards by the sudden weight!

Below: Glyder, safely aboard the BRIMEC.

Below:  The BRIMEC was then positioned to enable Glyder to be winched down onto UK soil.

Below:  Meanwhile, Darren, Mark and Gordon were building yet another narrow gauge railway, this time through the engine shed.  Jubilee track again proved its value in this exercise.

Below:  Outside Ogwen was extracted and winched aboard the BRIMEC…

Below: … and then winched back onto Terra fir ma. 

Below: A view of the pair before they were pulled forwards onto a steel plate and rotated to enable them to be run backwards through the shed.

Below: And finally a trio of views showing the pair installed in the rear of the Colliery engine shed.  They will be cleaned up and interpreted in this space, but there are no plans currently to carry out any further work at this stage.