Beamish Transport & Industry News - 24th Jan 2014...

Beamish Transport & Industry News – 24th Jan 2014…

Here is an assorted look back over the week’s T&I projects and developments…

Below: The Jamie Guest from the Leeds Transport Historical Society has been assisting us in procuring missing items from N&G49.  We have committed to a number of components that the Society is batch producing, the first of which, the brake handles, have now been completed.  The patterns and completed, polished, castings are seen here.  Photo by Jamie Guest.


Below: Meanwhile, L&W 8’s body has been totally stripped to reveal the extent of the work required.  A new skin will be fitted shortly and a lot of preparation for subsequent detailing (beading etc.) will follow, returning the tram to something like its appearance when it arrived!  The running gear will shortly be removed for inspection and overhaul.  There is no brake gear, so this will be designed to suit, again with assistance from the LTHS who had a similar challenge when they carried out the restoration of Leeds 107 (a horse tram with a very good website: )


Below: Steady progress on the Colliery Stables narrow gauge siding has been visible this week, with tracklaying taking place after an epic amount of land preparation, grading, levelling and some additional sub-base being added – bearing in mind that only a year ago this area was a muddy field at the bottom of a hill!  35lb rail is being used, and this is packed up on old Jubilee sleepers in readiness for concreting and then paving.  Darren and Mark consider their next move…

P1140530 P1140531

Below: Chris is seen burning off old fittings from the top rail of the swing boats, and then a photo of the completed rails with fittings restored to their correct positions, on the new steel rail. After painting, the difference should be almost imperceptible.

IMG_1684 IMG_1694 IMG_1695

Below: With the Gallopers decks completed, Tony and Matt have not turned to the rebuild of the rounding boards, whilst Shaun and Daniel have moved to the Entrance to rebuild the public toiler interiors.  The rounding boards will be stripped of lighting batons and have the signwritten panels removed for cleaning and re-varnishing.  The boards can then be re-skinned and the framework repaired.


Below: We finish this post with a selection of views showing the refurbished Gallopers decks, primed and with painting underway. Some of the framework has also received attention as part of this process.

IMG_1691 IMG_1692