T&I News Update Week 31 2014...

T&I News Update Week 31 2014…

A bit of a mixed bag of news this week, starting with a trip out…

Below: On Wednesday a rare escape was made, to Scarborough to join the masses, though our mission was to view the new-build Bagnall Sipat 0-4-0ST under construction at the North Bay Railway.  Seen here in a trial assembled state, the loco’s wheels and cylinders, axles and axleboxes also exist.  This must be about as small as a full size steam engine gets!  Possibly rivalled by the Baguley ‘Rishra’ (at just over three tons in weight!).  Note the marine firebox.

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Below: The North Bay Railway operates four vintage Hudswell Clarke diesel hydraulic locomotives dating from the 1930s, and has been in operation since 1931.  More information can be found here: http://www.nbr.org.uk/

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Below: Back at Beamish, Dave and Matt are seen forming a new blower ring for No.18.  In the photo below the new multi-jet blast pipe is seen under test.  This, combined with the new blower, has transformed No.18’s steaming ability and draw in the fire.  Its steam test is booked for next week, after which further tinkering and running in will follow…

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Below: An overview of the progress on the restoration of R025 – note the footplate in grey primer and the array of overhauled and primed components waiting to go back on!


Below: The Showman’s living van roof – painted in gloss white and with a deep cream clerestory with trim added.


Below: Phil is continuing to line out the body and belly boxes of the van, which will be varnished over the weekend.


Below: Meanwhile, Tony is working on the various windows that need repair/reconstruction before stripping and varnishing.  These are the small quarterlights that fit into the clerestory.


Below: An aerial view to show Peter’s work on the RAC box, which is now virtually complete and will form the first piece of 1950s street furniture on site.


Below: These two narrow gauge wagons have recently emerged from deep storage in one of our containers.  They will be moving to the Colliery shortly, and are believed to originate from a collection of material from a clay works.


Track Maintenance

Below: 400 new oak keys for Rowley Station recently arrived, to replace those in situ.  Nothing being straightforward, our use of NER rail chairs means that they will not fit as they come and so require trimming to suit the chairs we have.


Below: Here Dan uses a special jig which holds the key at the correct angle and pitch as it passes by the circular saw, trimming a wedge from the key, as seen lying to the side of the blade.


Below: A box of trimmed keys – all of which are now fitted. They are very tight and will expand with the moisture outside ensuring the rails are held securely.