T&I News Post 7 2017...

T&I News Post 7 2017…

A double-post this week, to round things off and catch up with news around the team… Plus the sun shone for some photos to be taken!


Below: Tony and Matt B have been busy creating a dedicated painting area within the Erecting Shop – we have so many painting projects that a separate space is required in order to enable the dustier activities to continue in the workshop.  Forthcoming occupants of this area include the Leyland Cub tipper, R025, the gallopers decks, possibly their rounding boards, a smattering of gallopers horses, the Morris Commercial, the S&N van, the narrow gauge brakevan and a myriad of smaller jobs.  It looks set to be a busy space!  It has been designed to accommodate vehicles as large as the replica buses, though most larger vehicle painting will continue to take place in Road 1 of the tram depot.


Below: Shaun is busy cladding the Morris Commercial’s body – this has a composite construction, with steel frame and marine plywood cladding.  This will then be encased in herringbone style tongue and groove planking with a boarded and canvassed roof.  The ‘wet’ bits that you can see are in fact resin, to further seal the joints and any exposed end-grain on the ply carcass.


Below: Volunteer Bill has been busy making the cosmetic solebars and fitting the deck to the timber bolster, which we hope to have available for the steam fair.  The timber bufferbeams and edging trim were yet to be fitted when this photograph was taken.


Below: The inverted chassis of the FR side tipping granite waggon is seen waiting for the wheels and axleboxes to be fitted and the brakegear hung.


Below: Dave has progressed well Samson’s tender, which is now ‘right way up’ for further riveting and detail work to continue.  Sweet isn’t it?!


Rowley Station

Below: We head now to Rowley, where Bon Accord will be in operation this weekend – though not on passenger trains as the Peckett has not yet been re-wheeled enabling the coach to be extracted from behind it (re-wheeling is scheduled for Monday now).P1000234

Below: The re-sleepering continues, with 100 hardwood timbers being installed on the plain line and a dozen crossing timbers already in place.


Below: Adding detail to the station environs continues, with the signalbox now wearing its replica boards and numerous other items being added each week as the weather improves.  Several further additions are in the pipeline, to further restore the NER ambiance here – all the more important given the current industrial motive power and GER coaching stock!


Below: The allotment now has a regular volunteer, and the planting has commenced on the first beds (there are more planned).  An NER allotment guide has been obtained and will be reproduced for use as part of the engagement here, as well as informing the planting and practices the team are recreating.



Below: An interior view of the potting shed end of the hut (you may remember this from posts featuring it outside the RHEC whilst it was reconstructed). The stove chimney is still to complete but already the space looks just right for its new purpose.


Below: A couple of overall views of the allotments, also suggesting the future route for expansion of the beds!

P1000230 P1000242

Below: I can’t recall if I featured the goods shed interior on the blog recently – if not, here is a view of the interior, which has been re-dressed and tidied to enable this important space to be reopened to visitors.


Below: Finally, a completed view of the Ladies Waiting Room following its redecoration and the addition of some small but important details.  Note the ephemera on the table…