T&I News 17...

T&I News 17…

The present level of opening, with many staff still furloughed, means that there is little change one day to the next in terms of transport developments. The bus operation is our sole activity, and with no workshop staff back, I’m afraid the blog is somewhat short on news.

On Wednesday last week we experimented with an idea to create a series of enhanced transport running days. This was planned in conjunction with the Friends of Beamish and some local vintage car owners, making sure we didn’t exceed the number of six in any one group. The week started bright and sunny – by Wednesday it was raining hard and solidly! The few photos of the day reveal just how wet it was!

We are planning a further running day on the 21st October, the 18th November and probably two Saturdays (one in October and one in November – dates to be confirmed depending on how things go in the next few weeks). Some local engine owners have offered to come to the museum, and we may reach a stage we can consider steaming one of the colliery railway locos – but in this ever-uncertain time, I will confirm the details of this nearer the time.

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Darlington 4 has been in regular use as more of the drivers are passed out to drive it. This also relieves Rotherham 220 which has required some workshop attention. It is also nice to see a different bus out and about on site.
Darlington 4 is seen at the start of last week in glorious sunshine when T shirts were still enough to keep one warm! Rather different to the middle of the week when a fleece was the only appropriate attire to keep warm!
We had four cars visit on Wednesday, including this Ford Model A and Austin 7.
Another Ford Model A cruises down the street. We are very grateful to the owners of these vehicles who came to support the event (it was originally billed as a club day, which was felt inappropriate due to the Rule of Six and the additional regional restrictions that we are subject to).
Rotherham 220 passes some of the vehicles, which are seen taking the opportunity to pose on the side of the street not usually available to them. This side is being used to manage the queues for the sweet shop and pub, with barriers erected along the outer-circle tramway in this area.
A pair of ex Blackpool tramcar bogies, which have been at Beamish for many years, were collected by Scotts Heavy Haulage this morning for removal to the National Tramway Museum at Crich where they will be used as accommodation bogies during the restoration of Blackpool Brush tramcar No.298: https://www.tramway.co.uk/2020/09/02/new-restoration-at-crich-tramway-village/

Stockton & Darlington Railway 195th anniversary

Sunday marked the 195th anniversary of the opening of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, and the start of a five year countdown to the 200th anniversary in 2025. In connection with the date there were a number of events along the route, including the launch of a film about the Brusselton Incline:

The countdown clock was started at the Head of Steam museum in Darlington and was attended by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust’s 60163 ‘Tornado’ which operated from Middlesbrough to Darlington North Road, posing briefly on the Skerne Bridge outside North Road Station and which is synonymous with the opening day celebrations.


The photos below show Tornado at Middlesbrough (following arrival from York and running round), arriving into the departure platform at Middlesbrough then posed at Darlington North Road. Nice to get out for a bit of a steam fix and to see it in a couple of locations on the route.