PftP - Contractors steam and Road Engines

PftP – Contractors steam and Road Engines

Power from the Past

To illustrate engines in their correct settings and doing the work they were built for, a number were placed around the site engaged on appropriate duties…

Below: At Home Farm Anthony Lister’s Clayton Traction Engine ‘Louise’ was belted up to a corn mill, recently overhauled by Davy Sheen. This worked superbly for two days and brought the farmyard to life very effectively.

Below: Harry Lyon’s Robinson & Auden Traction Engine and saw bench were placed in the colliery yard cutting timber planks from sections of tree trunk found in the outdoor storage compound.

Below: John Bainbridge’s Burrell ‘President’ made a spectacular site wherever it roamed, being one of three engines and one lorry that were working around the internal road network. As ever the engines sounded terrific on the steep climb through Birch Wood!

Below: The Friends sent volunteers down to the colliery on the Sunday to operate the stone crusher, breaking down frost damaged bricks for use on the roadmaking demo. The Parker stone crusher is powered by a Lister engine.