PftP - Horse Tram

PftP – Horse Tram

Power from the Past

The Horse Tram, L53, was enormously popular with staff and visitors alike. A David Williams photo charter was organised around it and some of the views below show this. It carried nearly 1000 passengers over two days operation and enabled us to bring to life something long lost from the region. My thanks to the lads from Heaton Park who own and maintain it and who ensured that it was in such fine fettle for us to use as well as assisting with crewing and interpretation. Also thanks to Chris Thompson and the horse team for managing the operations so professionally.

Below: A scene which in black and white would be hard to date!

Below: Tram turned and trace horse very evident. These were attached to assist on steep hills, often attended by a boy who would ride the horse bare-back, as Chris is demonstrating here.

Below: The 1889 Marshall makes an appearance, 114 behind.

Below: Turning the tram at town-west.

Below: Turning at town-east.