Samson Progress...

Samson Progress…

Last Thursday was a significant one in Samson’s history – the boiler was subject to the insurance company hydraulic test (which it passed) and was then drained and collected for delivery back to Beamish…

Below: A close up of the pressure gauge as the boiler (and cylinder block) are pressed to twice its working pressure – which it must retain over a period of time to the satisfaction of the inspector.  The SVR boilersmiths had carried out significant caulking work in the days before, and a warm hydraulic test of their own to ensure that all would be well on the day…


Below: The boiler was unloaded and placed onto the frames on temporary bearers, before the overhead cranes were used to enable an element of precision in its fitting down onto the frames and expansion brackets (which support the firebox end and allow for expansion of the boiler when it is hot).


Below: Various parts not previously painted are now receiving attention ahead of installation onto the boiler.  Here the two crankshaft pedestals dominate the view.


Below: A view of the smokebox before the angle ring and chimney were fitted.  The rivets on the tubeplate had given some trouble in caulking due to the small diameter of the boiler and the narrow ring – fitting tooling, air hammer or boilersmith inside this area had proved to be a challenge!


Below: The boiler was soon settled onto the frames and parts began emerging from cupboards for assembly onto the locomotive.

IMG_2512 IMG_2513

Below: A very proud Dave after assembly began!


Below: Dave’s name, finally on the engine he has built…


Below: Dave is now forging ahead with the assembly of the pipework, a job requiring a high degree of patience and persistence to achieve a neat job!


Readers can now expect regular reports on this project as the 22nd January steam test is chased through the next month or so…