T&I News 9 2018

T&I News 9 2018

This posting is largely pictorial and includes a few random galleries relating to recent events etc.


Below: The Model T team have stripped the Ton Truck down to its bare form as they continue to assess its condition ahead of a comprehensive rebuild (it is planned to become a refuse cart for use around the site and this will include a ‘bin back’ and also a new cab of English style). The rear axle/differential is in very poor condition and reflects both previous use before Beamish as well as the use and abuse of regular operation here. The engine will likely receive new pistons/connecting rods too. There is very little that will not have to be rebuilt, so this project will be a comprehensive rebuild over the next year – 18 months. The photos below show the dismantling and also some of the extreme wear caused by lack of lubrication in the rear axle. A new rear axle assembly is currently being sought.

IMG_8235 IMG_8234 IMG_8233

A typical day in the Colliery…

Below: A few rather grainy mobile phone images of No.18 one day last week, pottering around the Colliery on one of its three days per week in steam. 1877 locomotive, 1860s/70s waggons and a scene we perhaps take for granted sometimes! Lamps are not encouraged and will be hidden, making it look a little too ‘main line’ for my liking!

IMG_8254 IMG_8243 IMG_8240 IMG_8263 IMG_8249

Narrow gauge musings…

Below: Dave Hewitt sent some more photos through, taken last Friday and showing Matt and I having an afternoon enjoying the narrow gauge railway (never time during steam events) and enabling Dave to gather some more images of the railway in sunshine…

8 9 7 6 1 2 14 13 17

As before – please don’t harvest these images for circulation elsewhere.

Below: A phone photo showing the view I had hoped to create – dappled light on a grassing over narrow gauge byway and open cabbed locomotive to appreciate the view from…


Great War Steam Fair – a last look…

Below: Again, from the phone so not of the best quality, but these show one of the evenings during the steam fair when the WW1 vehicles were gathered for an informal photo-shoot for their owners. The event already seems a long time ago…

IMG_8121 IMG_8119 IMG_8116 IMG_8115 IMG_8104

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