T&I News 7 2023...

T&I News 7 2023…

This is a short post, as there will be some content this weekend as we get into our Spring Steam Gala.

Below: Barclay 1219 arrived last night and was unloaded this morning, Coffee Pot No.1 providing the means of shunting.  The loco was taken to the shed for a fitness to run exam and for filling with water.

Below: The shed has been prepared for the weekend as well, with the Steam Mule present (and to be in steam) and a tidy up of the environs having been carried out.

Below: Once the loco had taken water and had a cold exam over the pit, it was moved back outside and lit up for a steam test and trial run.

Below: The grey paintwork is certainly distinctive (and also quite appealing – we’ve had three grey locos now – Portbury and Diana being the other two).  After early rain, the sun made an appearance this afternoon so I thought I’d better take some photos!

Outside Works – Remaking Beamish

Below: Quite a few people have been asking what is going on in the field to the south of the 1950s settlement.  An attenuation pond is being dug, which will allow the surface run-off of rainwater from the 1950s area to collect, before soaking away into the adjacent Letch Burn.  This prevents the burn being overwhelmed and allows a more gentle water flow further down stream.  In the background the Aged Miners homes are nearing completion.  These are due to open this summer.

NER 559

Below: A couple of photos from NBRES (and which appear with their permission) showing 559’s completed boiler following hydraulic testing and application of the construction plate.  Note that it is no longer a CE mark that is applied, but  UKCA mark – this being the new equivalent.  NBRES will now paint and letter the boiler before delivery to Beamish in the next few weeks – a great moment for the project as this substantial piece of the jigsaw is completed.