Leyland Cub Restoration October 2014...

Leyland Cub Restoration October 2014…

The rate of progress being made on Leyland Cub 716 at Historic Vehicle Restoration continues to astonish!  Some recent views are included here to show this rate of work – for more on this project, see ‘Bus Restorations’ on the menu to the left of this page.

Below: The flitch plates, which reinforce the floor members, made and primed ready for trial fitting.


Below: The body itself is taking shape, with the uprights trial fitted to the base frame – it will be noted that this is all new material, carefully copied from the fragmentary remains from 716’s original Brush body.  The floor has additional strength incorporated in order to cope with the demands of heavy wheelchairs being parked on it, and the floor surface itself will be easily renewable to aid future refurbishments – lessons learned from experience with J2007, our present accessible bus.


Below: Sentries of swinging shackles which the road springs mount onto.  The less than perfect original is seen to the right as a comparison to the new components made for 716.


Below: Numerous components in the course of refurbishment including oil filter, front wheel hub and numerous chassis fittings.

IMG_3590 IMG_3591 IMG_3593

Below: A new support tray for the fuel tank, which replaces the completely rotten original.