T&I News Update Week 44 2014...

T&I News Update Week 44 2014…

This week we look at our two main transport contracts – Dunrobin and 716 (the Leyland Cub) where significant progress has been made over the last week.


Below: Dunrobin now has half a new cylinder block!  Timsons (Kettering) has cast the first of the two blocks, seen here fresh out of the mould and still very much in the raw and complete with the runners that feed the molten metal into the whole cavity of the mould.  We await news now of the second casting.  After this they will be stress-relieved before being machined.

IMG_3823 IMG_3826

Leyland Cub 716

Below: Latest news from HVR in Byfleet included the following photographs.  The first sequence shows the new bulkhead fitted to the chassis, with the outer panelwork showing evidence of metal-moth!  Note hat the steering wheel has been fitted with its ring and installed.

IMG_3827 IMG_3830 IMG_3831

Below: An internal view looking through the body towards the driving position.  The flitch plates are fitted and the floor framework primed.


Below: The radiator core and outer assembly, including the honeycomb screen (sans shroud – this is seen in some photos with the unit fitted to the chassis) following its extensive reconstruction.

IMG_3836 IMG_3834

Below: The spare engine block, which is being used on this bus, seen under reconstruction. Such things are rare and HVR finding a spare is something like a miracle!


Below: The Autovac – the means by which fuel is lifted from the fuel tank before it reaches the carburettor.  Some of these can hold a not insubstantial quantity of fuel – their role is carried out by a fuel pump on modern vehicles, or by gravity on older ones (such as Model Ts – which is why when fuel is low, sometimes additional mileage can be extracted when ascending hills by reversing, placing the engine/carburettor at the lowest point!).


Below: A saloon view, note the ramp in temporary position at the rear of the bus.


Below: The original bulkhead – not in the best of health! Also shown are other components in preparation for painting and fitting.

IMG_3839 IMG_3833 IMG_3840

Below: Real treasure for this project -overhauled engine manifolds. The restoration was facing the considerable cost of having new ones made, so the discovery of these is a real boon.

IMG_3841 IMG_3842

Below: The Leyland branded tappet covers.


Below: Overhauled flywheel and clutch assembly.  Note the starting ring.


We are visiting HVR on Wednesday to view progress in person and deliver some spare components (axles) that we purchased recently.