Blackpool 147 arrives...

Blackpool 147 arrives…

This morning, after a troubled and traumatic journey, Blackpool 147 arrived at Beamish.  The journey, over an approved high-load route, was delayed by a bridge closure on the A6 in Kendal and inaccurate data on bridge heights on the A66 in Co Durham.  Fortunately the crew were cautious and professional and by making full use of the road width to the central reservation and the lowering of the trailer ride height, they were able to negotiate these obstacles!  Social media reported that the tram had struck a bridge but this is untrue and the photograph which appeared online showed the trailer being lowered, not the crew inspecting a collision…  Beware what you read online…

Unfortunately an encounter with a tree branch did lead to some of the quaterlight glasses being broken, these being photographed before removal for repair this morning.  The team are making every effort to prepare for commissioning tomorrow, with driver training taking place on Friday…

Blackpool 147

Below: Sunderland 16 provided the ‘tug’ for removing 147 from the road trailer (and later pushing 31 aboard).  They are seen at the Entrance loop where this procedure took place.

photo3 photo4

Below: By mid morning work was underway to reassemble the trolleybase and prepare to fit a spare Beamish trolleypole with carbon skate.  A thorough ‘C’ exam was also undertaken.


Below: Blackpool 31 departs for its home town and a holiday on the coast…

IMG_3927 low

Sheffield 264

The finishing stages of Sheffield 264’s rebuild has reached the ‘adornment’ stage, with the final fittings and brasswork being applied.

Below: We didn’t have any transfers available for the crests on 264 – and it was only at this point that I realised it hadn’t carried them after its last restoration!  Sarah Jarman is therefore hand-painting these on each side on the waist panels as part of her training with Phil Anderson.  Seen here with the chalked out base markings.


Below: The base colours are applied (the photo pinned up is Sheffield 74 at Crich – chosen as there seem to be a number of versions of the City coat of arms).


Below: With panels all in place and final coats of gloss applied and some flatted. the next step (tomorrow onwards) is the application of the lining and intricate corner decorations to each panel.


Outside Works

Below: Visitors to the site may have been curious as to why the footbridge at Rowley has been encased for so long – this has been due to the high winds, damage to the covering applied and a few other issues.  However, the contractors are now on site and blasting, with the first section cleaned.  Initial inspection reveals the bridge to be in very good condition, though a professional surveyor is due later in the week to inspect the bridge formally.

photo2 photo1

Below: Some work has also taken place this week on the narrow gauge, ahead of a big push towards the April event – the scene here being the location we plan to have the working sawbench/wood cutting display for the Great War Steam Fair and Horses at War.