T&I News Post 3 2017...

T&I News Post 3 2017…

There are a couple of updates this week, so we start with the NER station…

Rowley Station

Below: Regular volunteer Peter has made two replica ‘Rowley’ signalbox boards, copies of an original board recently purchased at auction.  These have now been moved to the station for painting and then fitting to the signalbox.


Below: Jorden and the station team have also been busy completing the station allotments ready for planting by the team with assistance from the men’s group.


Below: Jorden (seen here practising his receipt of knighthood pose!) has also been working with the team to redecorate the Ladies Waiting Room – including new wood-grain (scumbling) effect.



Below: Tony and Matt have advanced the new Waggonway coach to a near-completed state.


Below: The paintwork has been advancing through the week – the blue panels are next on the list…


Below: A concerted push in the week saw the lead mine tub that will accompany Samson assembled and this will move to the narrow gauge railway on Tuesday for test running.


Below: R025 work is now focussed on the construction of a replica canopy – the fabricated roof hoops being seen here.


Below: The contractor painting the Fordson Thames has been busy applying many gallons of filler and spray-applied primer, as this sequence of views shows.  Note also the temporary spray-booth, which will be the Rowley Station team workshop, for progressing numerous jobs that will enhance the historic station environs.

IMG_0598 IMG_0644 IMG_0640 IMG_0641

Below: Rubbing down of the bodywork revealed the Thames had once been blue.

IMG_0642 IMG_0643

Site Maintenance Team

Below: The Site Maintenance team has transformed the Chapel in the Colliery, with fantastic results – here is a flavour of what they have achieved and how bright and fresh this exhibit now looks.  Attention has also been given to the projector for the magic lantern display in order to ensure the reliability of this in the future.