Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon

23rd May 2009

A quick roam around the site this afternoon revealed much preparation for next weeks Power from the Past event…

Below: The Model Engineers work on their station area, including platform surface and fencing. The new nameboard, Dipwood Halt (from Ken Swan’s old railway) is in place to the right. Opening day? Next Wednesday!

Below: Calling into the tram depot, the staff have completely stripped Sunderland 16’s truck to liberate the motors and wheelsets, which are to be turned (probably the last reprofiling these tyres will take – the disadvantage of a long fixed wheelbase on our curves).

Below: In the Timber Store the Friends are progressing the SOS bus and I hear rumour they would like to finish it this year… Final bodywork is being completed and the seats are progressing well too.

Below: From the joinery shop comes this repaired sack barrow and replica wheelbarrow (another is underway). The latter is for the roadmaking display, the former for use in Colliery Engine Works.

Below: Progress by Friends volunteers on the AA Box and Police Box, both seen in this photo. Both are to be located outside this workshop as a focal point for regular displays by the Friends.

Below: The Case Tractor – a real workhorse and still as useful as it ever was, here being refueled by Robert Atkinson prior to taking another load to its destination. This tractor will be in regular use over the PftP event, moving vehicles and plant into place all over the museum site.