Water Cart Progress

Water Cart Progress

23rd May 2009

Just before I post the updates on the water cart, I have been sorting through the patterns David Young has made for Coffee Pot No.1 – laid out it is an impressive quantity and has made a volunteer contribution worth thousands of pounds to the project (part of the match funding agreement). Add to this the time to machine the resulting castings and one can readily appreciate David’s contribution to the project to date.

Below: This morning I applied the first topcoat of ‘Union Blue’ to the primed and undercoated fittings and tank ends. Note the wheels, now in topcoat care of Davy Sheen, to be varnished when we receive new supplies.

Below: Wheels in (left) red oxide primer and (right) the high-build bright red undercoat. Tow coats of the former and three of the latter provide a base for three coats of coachpaint and two of varnish (see photo above for the final colour).

The cart is very nearly finished and once sigh-written, will be varnished and commissioned to run with Fiddler and other engines in the very near future.