T&I News 15 2023...

T&I News 15 2023…

Another lengthy break in blog posts, due to having taken some unplanned leave.  But work has continued on various fronts, and plans/arrangements remain underway for both this September’s event, but also the 2024 transport events programme too – for which something of a refresh is being considered.  There are the usual irons in fires for other projects too, and there should be plenty to report as we head into the autumn.  But for now, here is some information on the two visiting locomotives attending the gala event next month…

Steam Gala Visitors confirmed

Below: We are now in the happy position to confirm the two visiting railway locomotives for this September’s transport gala (9/10th).  First up we have a returning guest, in the shape of Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0WT No.1238.  It first visited us for the Great War Steam Fair in April 2016, and is now in the final stages of its current boiler ticket, and so making a number of guest appearances at railways around the country.  It is appearing courtesy of the Moseley Railway Trust, and is usually based at the Apedale Valley Railway in Stoke-on-Trent.  You can read more about it’s eventful history here: https://avlr.org.uk/moseley-railway-trust/fleet-list/steam-locomotives/s6-hudswell-clarke-1238-of-1916 

Below: A reminder of 104 at work during the 2016 event.  Photo courtesy of Dave Hewitt

Below: The second visitor confirmed for the event is another familiar locomotive to the museum (and region), but one that has not steamed here previously.  Ogwen is owned by Martyn Ashworth and is appearing courtesy of him at our event.  It has strong local connections and it is very pleasing to welcome it back, in steam.  It was, of course, shed-mate in Weardale, Penrhyn and Indiana, to Glyder, so the pair will appear together for the first time, in steam, at this event – enabling us to recreate the 2012 – 2014 scenes of the pair, as they were displayed at Beamish together.

Below: A reminder of Ogwen’s arrival in May 2012, fresh from its shipping container, and long sojourn in the USA.  You can read more about this here:


Gateshead 10

Below: With the machine shop out of action whilst the facilities are upgraded and the machines modified, work on Gateshead 10 has been largely restricted to the paintwork, which is now very nearly complete.  Off-site, the new resistances are being manufactured, so whilst progress has been slow lately, for very many reasons, it hasn’t come to a halt altogether.

Below: The second bogie has been placed onto the working stands now, in readiness for the various items of brake gear to be assembled onto the pair.

Cover photo courtesy of Matthew Simpson, depicting the Northern Echo and Darlington theme that is developing at Beamish.