Coffee Pot - only days from completion!

Coffee Pot – only days from completion!

4th February 2010

Well – here are the first pictures of Coffee Pot complete with new boiler in position. The main outstanding job is to fit the pipework for the pump – which was happily tested on air today. There are one or two details to add (such as gauge glass and drain cock drain pipes, a water level float and indicator plus some paintwork tidying) but to all intents and purposes Vincent Allen has nearly finished… His next job is to prepare Rambler for a hydraulic test (for our insurance company) then the removal of the inner firebox and tubeplate of the Clayton Portable – the latter requires a more exhaustive inspection in order to ascertain the full condition of the Lowmoor Iron boiler (the word iron is a misnomer, it is actually a form of steel and of renowned quality for boilers).

Below: Three shots of Coffee Pot earlier today: