This weekend - Blackpool Trams in action!

This weekend – Blackpool Trams in action!

Just a reminder to fans of Blackpool trams that this weekend sees our whole service operated by the current ex Blackpool residents – 31, 167, 280 and 703 (Sunderland 101).  Lately we have operated a minimum two or three tram service at weekends, and staff allowing, we will increase this to four this weekend.  Otherwise the trams will be rotated – assuming we don’t have heavy rain to keep 31 indoors!  31 has been in service today, enjoying quite a spring-like day at the Museum.

blackpool at beamish2

Here are the four trams in question – I haven’t yet caught 167 in the sunshine for a photograph!

P1000459_1824x1368 P1140571 second run#6 IMG_2462_1272x848