Electric 50 at the National Tramway Museum...

Electric 50 at the National Tramway Museum…

This last weekend the National Tramway Museum celebrated 50 years of electric tramcar operation at Crich with a superb event over the two days, including visiting trams, recommissioned cars and works vehicles.  The highlights each day were a 25 tram parade which stretched the length of the street when finally formed up!  A lot of people clearly worked very very hard to bring this about and our own Newcastle 114 made its first appearance away from Beamish for the celebrations – the ‘Forty’ of its advertising boards being changed to ‘Fifty’ to read ‘Fifty Years of Service’.  You can find more photographs on the TMS’ website, British Trams Online and Trams Today on facebook.

Below: Here are a few random photos, plus the Saturday parade in full (in the gallery), showing some of the things that were new (to me at least).  We start with Blackpool & Fleetwood 40 – a tram that has early history at Crich but has not in fact run so many years there, spending large parts of its preserved life at Heaton Park or Blackpool.


Below: A rare outing into daylight for Newcastle 102.  See more on this in the post ‘114’s trip to Derbyshire’.


Below: Recently restored Leeds Horse Tram No.107 on display in the exhibition hall.


Below: The rear of the parade, stretching along the whole paved street line at Crich, 114 the penultimate tram in the parade, sandwiched between the two rather less attractive (in my eyes, before everyone writes in!) modernised Blackpool cars.

P1160093 P1160101

Below: A familiar tram in unfamiliar surroundings…!!!

P1160103 P1160115

Below: The stunning Sheffield 510, following overhaul and repainting.


Below: The parade of 25 trams, appearing on order of entry into passenger service at Crich: