T&I News Week 13 2015...

T&I News Week 13 2015…

Covering the period up to and including Saturday 4th April

A shorter posting this week, in anticipation of a plethora of postings as we get into the Great North Festival of Transport.  As an antidote to the inevitable abundance of photos of the event, here is a quick roundup of the routine activities of the Transport & Industry/Site Support teams…


Below: Phil and Sarah are going to give demonstrations of traditional sign-writing at the Great North Steam Fair (inside the Town Garage and alongside a restoration display by John Marshall).  In order to have something convenient upon which to carry out the demonstrations, the 1933 Commer van in daily use by Michael Goldsmith the Museum’s electrician, is being repainted and then written in an appropriate style.  It was therefore slipped into the finishing shop on Monday for preparation for both its new livery and altogether different colour scheme.  To see what it looks like, you will have to come to the event!!!

IMG_0046 IMG_0047

Below: The sleighs for the Gallopers are seen here partially assembled. They are now fitted to the ride.


Below: The finishing work on the new Colliery beer tent bar continues…


Outside Works

Below: The narrow gauge water tower has been plumbed for delivery, though at present is filled from a hose pending completion of a permanent water supply to this area of the site.


Below: Darren and Mark continue to push their ‘head of steel’ eastwards – we will see where they get to by next Tuesday then set the area up at the end of the track for the steam navvy demonstration/display.


Stand by for numerous posts with regard to the Great North Steam Fair this coming Thursday – Sunday… One not to miss!!!