T&I News Week 24 2015...

T&I News Week 24 2015…

As we approach the longest day (Oh no!  Now they start getting shorter!), the work to develop and maintain the transport collections continues.  As we see below…

101 on the move

Below: In order to create additional space in the tram depot ahead of looming expansion (and a new bus depot building and, I hope, a wash bay), Sunderland 101 has been traversed sideways (courtesy of Dowse Cranes and their amazing portable traversing equipment) onto the non-rail connected Road 5. This was to be Gateshead 52, but as 101 is very precarious to move given that on tyre has been removed for material analysis following its failure earlier in the year, then it as chosen in place of 52, which in any case is further up the restoration queue and is very obliging to shunt around if required.  Space is at a premium and with 264 to be reassembled shortly, this was even more pressing.  101 will be restored though and the move is not a permanent dispatch into oblivion that some seem to fear!

DSCF7587 DSCF7597 DSCF7589 DSCF7592

Below: Here is a time-lapse film of the move, shot by David Watchman

RHEC developments

In tandem with the Beamish Model Engineering Group, who are currently evolving and developing their place within the overall Museum, a number of machine tools have been added to the machine shop at the RHEC, where the BMEG members as will continue to be able to use them.  Included in the move were the horizontal boring machine (as seen when Samson’s cylinder block was bored), a shaping machine (useful for re-facing the surface on slide valves for instance) and a very presentable Colchester lathe. The machine shop continues to develop – always tricky as it came into use before it was fully finished and so the work to rack out/fit out the various cupboards etc. is now being completed.

Below: An overview of the work in progress in this area.


Below: Narrow gauge volunteer project work continues – with the manufacture of wheel scotches (seen first) and the cleaning of components for the first of the FR Granite waggon restorations also ongoing (lower photo).  We also expect Samson’s boiler components and frames on site next week to enable this to progress towards conclusion…

IMG_0951 IMG_0950

Below: The Armstrong Whitworth replica car is undergoing some cosmetic work, including a revarnish to restore the lustre of the paintwork – seen here in the RHEC rubbed down ready for final varnish to be applied.


Sheffield 264 progress

Below: Work is gearing up to start the painting and assembly of 264’s truck next week – seen here laid out in readiness for this to start.

IMG_0948 IMG_0947 IMG_0946 IMG_0945

Below: The repaneling of the top deck, along with overhaul of window/mechanisms etc. has also reached the stage where the body needs to be assembled (two decks plus truck) – work planned to take place within the next four weeks.


Away from all of this excitement, the plans for the Remaking Beamish transport projects are developing well, with the first architects drawings received for scrutiny. Off site the Cub and Morris Commercial are making good progress and there are, as usual, numerous irons in fires that you will read about on this site in due course.