Leyland Cub August update...

Leyland Cub August update…

After a little break in reports, here are some photographs showing the recent restoration progress on our new accessible bus, ex Crosville Leyland Cub No.716, which is being carried out at Historic Vehicle Restoration.  Thanks to Seb Marshall for the photographs.

Below: Seb and his team have been making the most of the recent purchases of spare Leyland Cub components, with some being restored for use on this project and others in use as patterns.  As a result of borrowing the lorry bonnet top, the front end of 716 is now beginning to take shape very nicely.  Note the marking out for the punching of louvers in the bonnet sides.

DSC_0021_11 DSC_0022_11

Below: A major part of the skinning work for the bus is the restoration of the front and rear domes – both complex shapes and in very tired condition.  However, they must be reclaimed for use on this project as they are irreplaceable and therefor will absorb many hours of labour to patch and re-shape them.  Here they are both seen clamped in place on the framework.

DSC_0023_10 DSC_0020_15

Below: The multiple-curves of the new corner panels required can be appreciated here.


Below: Brake drums, restored and internally skimmed to accept the re-lined brake shoes.


Below: The spares included detail fittings too.  With headlamps seen here.


Below: The engine is also beginning to take shape – here are the pistons (with rings balanced on top)…


Below: … assembly of the upturned block, showing the crankshaft…


Below: …and the righted engine block complete with sump in place.

DSC_0015_14 DSC_0017_11

Morris Commercial

Below: The team are also progressing the Morris Commercial with the brakes being relined and dynamo overhauled.

DSC_0003_15 DSC_0029_08