Sheffield 264 reassembly milestone...

Sheffield 264 reassembly milestone…

After some time in pieces, 1907 built Sheffield 264 has now been reassembled into a recognisable shape once again as it enters the final stages of its substantial overhaul.

Below: The lower deck is craned onto it’s truck overseen by Tony, Matt, Matt, Hugh, Russell and Les, with Alan from Webster working his magic with the machinery. Many eyes and hands are needed to coordinate all of the components as they locate into each other during the assembly, which was agreed was more difficult than the dismantling!


Below: Adding the top deck, already with balcony ironwork attached. The trolleybuses and pole, fuse and wiring was also refitted in advance of this operation to ease acess and speed the overhaul towards completion.


Below: Reattaching the top deck.


Below: A familiar shape outside the depot! The reassembled 264 awaits shunting into the depot for installation of controllers, resistance and circuit breakers. The paintwork has advanced to the stage where the undercoats can be applied shortly, whilst the interior is being completed to include revarnished seats, stairs and new replica light fittings – not previously fitted in preservation.


Below: To create space for 264’s overhaul and to allow work to be carried out on the buses, a hefty depot shunt was also carried out. Note Gateshead 52 is now located on Road 4 (264 being at the rear of Road 1, along with the B Type bus which is lined up for some attention). The shunt means that everything fits, but only just! Roll on a new bus depot…!!!