T&I News Week 46 2015...

T&I News Week 46 2015…

This week we have something of a road vehicle theme, as we look at a number of projects currently underway at Beamish or on our behalf.

Model T Programme

Below: John and Mike had a successful day on Friday preparing the T van for removal of its body.  With help from the track lads and the forklift, this was accomplished and enabled the chassis to be taken for steam cleaning, as seen here, looking very skeletal!

photo photo2

Below: The chassis was then placed in the Finishing Shop for work to continue.


Below: By the close of play on Saturday the new deck and side rails were nearing completion.  Using the van brackets, we’ve strayed slightly from the original design (as it appears in photographs) in order to save removing the van body fittings on the chassis – the difference will be negligible but will favour the future changes planned for this chassis.  The fuel tank will be mounted on the new deck, encased in the seat base.  John has started inspecting the vehicle’s mechanical components in order to draw up a list of work to carry out before it returns to service.


James ‘Captain’ motorcycle

Below: The restoration of the 1958 James ‘Captain’ K7 motorcycle has only been mentioned briefly on the blog in recent months.  Ian is forging ahead with the assembly of this motorcycle now, with the engine re-fitted into the frame and the electrics being overhauled and added.  It is fitted with a Villiers 197cc engine and is earmarked for use by a member of staff as their site transport.  To this end a reliable and robust restoration has been undertaken.  More on the ‘Captain’ type can be found here: http://simplywizard.co.uk/folders/level3/k7.htm


Below: The reassembly is well advanced as shown here.  The motorcycle is actually in very original condition, and whilst repainted, the chrome has been restored rather than re-applied, and many of the original nuts and bolts have been salvaged ensuring the cycle remains in very original condition.  Ian will also be working on the re-commissioning of further examples from the Museum’s collection – the Triumph H being a likely candidate given its WW1 usage and our event programme for next April.



Below: Other work that hasn’t featured much on the blog includes preparation of vintage penny slot machines for the Fairground stalls. These include the casing as well as intricate mechanical components internally – as well as some attractive decorations as seen here.


Below: With numerous notice boards installed around Rowley Station (and more to go up this winter), they are being ‘decorated’ with period signs, notices and advertisements.  Timetables are also included and conceal details of our present weekend-only operation for those who study them closely!


Sheffield 264

Below: Work has continued on 264 over the week, with repairs to the bodywork  being completed, some additional new panels made and painted, the top deck interior re-varnished and floors painted, top deck seating stripped and frames repainted and seats varnished and coachpainting underway around the platform interiors to enable the electrical equipment and staircases to be refitted.


Below: With a trial run only a matter of weeks away, some of the striking Sheffield livery has been applied to various panels (usually those with future restricted access).  Here is a sample waist panel to inspire the team!


Morris Commercial

Below: It may be remembered that our 1933 Morris Commercial was sent to Historic Vehicle Restoration for some work to be undertaken (in April).  Much more work was uncovered and what is essentially a mechanical restoration plus re-wire and some cab structure repairs is now being carried out – we have an intended use for the Morris so it needs to be reliable for regular operation.  Here are the brake drums, following internal skimming to remove pitting from the surfaces.


Below: The slave cylinders on the braking system are being restored/overhauled/renewed.


Below: One slave cylinder is seen in place, note too the re-lined brake shoes on each side.  Extensive work has been undertaken on the running gear (axles, bearings and brakes) on this vehicle, which we hope will greatly improve its drivability upon its return to Beamish.


Below: Front wheel hub/drum assembly complete and awaiting a wheel…


Below: … and with wheel fitted.  Note new tyres of the correct pattern – again these make quite a difference to the appearance of this Morris 33wt flatbed.  Note too the renewed spring shackles and pins, just visible to the right of this view.