Leyland Cub Bus - milestone nearly reached...

Leyland Cub Bus – milestone nearly reached…

Some exciting news from Byfleet where Seb Marshall and his team at Historic Vehicle Restoration are reaching the imminent point in the restoration of Crosville 716 (the Leyland Cub KP2 which is being restored from derelict condition to provide a new accessible bus for our visitors at Beamish) where its engine can be started for the first time and the bus move under its own power…

Below: This view of the Cub elevated on jacks gives a hedgehog’s eye view of the bus and shows, by the presence of the polished sump, that the engine is now in place.


Below: A great deal of time has been expended on the roof, the front dome being rebuilt and finally attached.  Gutters and rain deflectors have been restored or copied and can be seen in these views of the front roof sections.  The destination box has been prepared for the glass indicator and the driver’s window frame rebuilt from the fragmented remains.  The side windows have also been started, a time consuming process to turn some bent bits of bus window into functioning droplights.

DSC_0029_08 DSC_0023_12 DSC_0028_09

Below: Internally the roof panels can be seen to have been bonded to the framework and the sections for the wiring to the lights restored.


Below: The overhauled clutch and flywheel assembly was completed using an output shaft from our now quite sizable spares reserve for the Cub type, and is seen awaiting fitting then installed within the bell housing at the rear of the engine.

DSC_0012_17 DSC_0018_16

Below: A view of the underside of the engine from the front, then of the installed gearbox to its rear, the intermediate propshaft also clearly visible.

DSC_0004_17 DSC_0005_17

Below: A view from the saloon showing the gearbox in situ and the gear lever protruding through the floor.


Below: Three sections of rebuilt propshaft on the bench awaiting installation…


Below: The nearly completed rear axle assembly, with brake lines being fitted.


Below: The propshaft can clearly be seen from the underside view, the low differential at the rear of the drive train assembly.


Below: Another view showing the gearbox and propshaft freshly installed.



Below: The silencer has been fitted, featuring a new outer case with restored inner baffles.  The exhaust pipework is yet to be made.  Note too the fuel tank beyond and the propshaft in the foreground.


Below: The refurbished fan, again made from the best of the quantity of spares acquired for this project.


Below: The gleaming ‘firewall’ (or bulkhead if you prefer) reflect the engine, now installed and awaiting installation of the Autovac, magneto and dynamo before being wired up for a test start…

DSC_0026_10 DSC_0027_10

When you see a bus in this much detail you realise and appreciate just how many parts go into its being and how much work the careful refurbishment of each one takes, the many small assemblies making up into a very impressive whole.

There should be more news on this project very soon…