T&I News 20 2020...

T&I News 20 2020…

I hope readers will forgive another round of images featuring Crosville 716… We visited the bus today to view progress and discuss some of the details that remain to be completed, and it was rolled out into the autumn sunshine for photographs to be taken – only one word for it – stunning!!!

Above: Rolled out into the sunshine for the first time since the bus was varnished and fittings replaced, there is little to say really is there!
Above: There are still a number of fittings to add to the bus, including side lights and the fuel tank (which will enable the nearside dog-rail to be refitted).
Above: The headlights have now been installed and give the front of the bus its character. The side lights fit on top of the two front wings.
Above: No doubt about the operator of the bus! We have reduced the seating from 20 to 16, but otherwise the original legal lettering has been recreated.
Above: This was also the first time that we have seen the wheelchair lift in operation – the view also shows the wide access to the rear of the bus with the doors swung back onto their catches and the lift in the operational position.
Above: The lift in the elevated position, with the bridging plate folded down into the saloon of the bus. Rubber seals are still to be fitted to the two doors.
Above: A view of the rear of the bus showing the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle identifications, registration number and door catches and rear lights all in place.
Above: The bulb horn has also been fitted, per the original photograph. There is also an electric horn as well.
Above: The driver operated door opening and closing mechanism in the ‘closed position’.
Above: The door opening/closing mechanism in the opening position showing how it works.
Above: A recreation of the warning lettering and passenger notices that appear in photos of brand-new Cubs, as applied to the inside of the front door.
Above: A final view of the Cub – next time I feature it, it should be finished…

So, that’s the bus progress this week. For the next post I promise something railway related!